Welcome to the green homes section of our website.

Why we need to green our homes

Making improvements in our homes is key to achieving our carbon reduction targets as around 20% of energy is used in the home. The solid-walled Victorian housing that dominates in Hanover can be particularly hard to heat efficiently and also suffers from related problems such as condensation. So where to start?

Over the years people involved with Hanover Action have explored various ways to improve older housing. You can see this in our past work from the ‘greening a street’ vision, practical work to improve the heating and insulation at the Hanover centre (not a house but a ‘ hard to improve’ older building nevertheless).

On this page you’ll find the output our our most recent activity: recordings of the useful talks at our September 2021 Council-funded webinar and virtual open house films and case studies which give a great insight into real examples in ( or very near!) Hanover.

Virtual ecohomes tour

Alongside the webinar, we have worked with Low Carbon Trust to create a series of virtual tours of an “ecohome”. See behind the façade of six Hanover buildings and find out what green measures have been used and how effective they are. A big thank you to the Low Carbon Trust for putting these together for us.

These have all benefitted from funding from government grant or feed in tariffs which are not currently available but and this highlights the importance of there being more financial support for green improvements – let’s hope that post COP 26 there will be more funding announced!:
For more on the Low Carbon Trust case studies, webinars and training on green improvements see the link to their website: Eco Open Houses Online in Brighton & Hove! (lowcarbon.co.uk)

Each link has a short film and case study.

66 Islingword Road – Solar panels and external wall insulation

Thanks to Robbi Smoot for filming.

See the case study here.

93 Southover Street – Solar photovoltaic panels, internal wall insulation and other improvements

Thanks to Robbi Smoot for filming.

See the case study here.

4 Whichelo Place – external wall insulation, window replacement and solar hot water

See the case study here.

24 Cuthbert Street (slightly outside Hanover!) – external wall insulation to bay windowed house, boiler replacement, low energy lighting

Thanks to Progress Films for filming.

See the case study here.

Hanover Centre – internal wall insulation, secondary double glazing, low energy lighting

See the case study here.

Green homes webinar

In 2021 we received a grant from Brighton and Hove Council to share and discuss local examples of green home improvements. Part one of this was the webinar with presentations from two local residents on experiences with an air source heat pump and solar panels. We also heard from a local builder with a question and answer session. This was well attended, and it was great to hear people’s thoughts on the issues with green home improvements and what more they would like to hear about.

Please see the presentations from our speakers here:

Watch the videos of our webinar here

Tom Kiss talks about his experience with air source heat pumps

Kristoffer Hewitt talks about solar panels in his home

Alex Hunt gives advice and tips for retrofitting your home

Watch the question and answer session

Watch the whole webinar (57mins)

Learn practical skills to retrofit your home

Low Carbon Trust has a a free online retrofit course.

Register on their website here and start learning about how you could green your home

There were a further three seminars hosted by Low Carbon Trust looking at how people living in older, less energy efficient properties can take practical steps to reduce the carbon emissions related to the heating and day-to-day activities of every day living. Find out more about the other events at https://www.lowcarbon.co.uk/events/eco-open-houses-online.

Where can I get good advice?

General overview:


Energy Saving Trust – comprehensives guidance on saving energy at home

Bhesco – a Brighton-based organisation helping our community to be more energy efficient

The Great Homes Upgrade campaign FAQ – a new campaign from the New Economics Foundation with useful information and resources

Is there support for the cost?

Ofgem: Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Solar Together Sussex – group buying for solar panels and battery storage

Can I benefit from the feed in tariff?

Ofgem: Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) – the successor to the feed in tariff

Octopus Energy: information about the smart export tariff

How do I find a good contractor?

Trustmark.org.uk: information about PAS 2035 accreditation for retrofit coordinators