More and more of us are cycling around Brighton – it makes perfect sense in a city where many residents do not have cars, getting round by car is slow, parking is expensive and we are concerned about air quality and environmental issues. Electric bikes seem to really be taking off and are ideal for our hilly terrain and means cycling can be almost effortless and more inclusive.

The Council have been great in supporting the very successful Brighton bike share and in the provision of cycle lanes. In Hanover additional cycle parking and access to one way streets for cyclists as part of the CPZ is very welcome. But further support is needed in the form of covered cycle storage.

The terraced housing in Hanover does not allow easy access to back gardens to store cycles; in family housing and multi-occupied property, storing bikes securely indoors is difficult without taking up valuable living space. People do not feel happy leaving expensive bikes locked to hoops outside vulnerable to weather and theft. There is therefore a need for secure, weatherproof external cycle storage. All of the current secure parking ( for example the store on Cobden Road) is very heavily over subscribed – one resident only achieving a space after 9 years on the waiting list!

Hanover Action and local Councillors have raised this with the Council a number of times and recently met with Council officers to see how this could work. A couple of years ago Hanover Action carried out an online survey via their website which asked residents whether they would like covered cycle storage in their street and whether they would be prepared to pay for it. This had 73 respondents across Hanover and 85% of those replied supported the idea of covered storage. Local Councillors are constantly being approached by local residents asking whether storage is planned and how they can access it.

The model we have in mind is the ‘Bikehangar’ store produced by cycle storage company Cyclehoop This is widely used in London and other major cities. A pilot unit in Shaftesbury Road has been successfully tested Brighton.

The Bikehangar takes up the space and width of less that a car parking and can store 6 bikes. We do not suggest that any designated parking spaces are lost but that Bikehangars are installed either on wide areas of pavement, or to take up part of the cycle parking already allocated.

We are hoping to have plans for at least a pilot bike hangar in the New Year and eventually it would be great to see one on every street! Please contact … with your views.