VEG made a tremendous impact on the garden at the Hanover Community Centre and was a place for people to learn about growing and share experiences. The VEG garden is now planted up with herbs and fruit bushes so please feel free to drop in and visit the garden, use the seating area and gather up some herbs. 

Dreaming a new dream

We are living in a time where UK food travels a staggering 30 billion kilometres each year, where the main supermarket choices are carrots from Spain, apples from Costa Rica and cellophane packaged as a norm and dripping with carbon miles.  It is time for us to dream a new dream and find an alternative that can feed and keep both ourselves and our communities healthy and happy at the same time.

Brighton is an inspiring place when it comes to dreaming differently and small seeds are sown daily, the Vegetable Education Garden (VEG) was one small seed blooming amongst the weeds.   

The VEG at the Hanover community centre bloomed for 7 years.  A community group welcoming everyone to come along to learn about growing and benefit from a welcoming community.  Over the years VEG ran weekly work days in rain, sun and snow and offered a range of free workshops and seed swaps.

The importance of growing your own food and sustainability

Working the soil and growing vegetables automatically connects us to the process of food production.  It helps us understand how much energy and time it takes to make the precious food we eat. 

Engaging with this process connects us to a fundamental process that is so often overlooked.  This perspective can help us understand the energetic and environmental cost of the food we eat and engender a sympathetic relationship towards our planet and inspire us towards living more sustainably for the wellbeing of ourselves and our earth and its ecosystems that support us.

Key members have moved on to other things leaving a huge legacy. The cinder and rubble desert was transformed into pleasant oases of plants and flowers. A new Gardening Club  is meeting most Tuesdays from 2pm, contact the Center for details.