Our One Planet Living Plan comes in two forms:

With short, medium and long-term planning to help promote and enable sustainable living, with the engagement of everyone in the local area who can contribute ideas and resources, to improve our community for the benefit of all, Our Short Guide includes 10 Things You Can Do, HERE

Teaming up with Brighton’s BioRegional, the November 2015 Visioning Workshop set the groundwork for the Vision, making the most of our shared ideas and hopes for what we want to see in a #OneHanover – a One Planet Living Community. During 2016 “action planning” workshops, events (Waste House, Moulescoombe Forest Garden, Sussex Wildlife Trust) and Public Meetings enabled a vibrant discussion of what action we can take to achieve the vision, in each of the 10 dimensions of sustainability in the One Planet Living framework. The full plan can be downloaded HERE