We want to reduce water usage in homes and local businesses, and in the products we buy.

We want to prevent flooding and pollution.

Useful links

Southern Water are doing free water-saving home visits. Contact 0333 240 0255 to arrange a visit. For hints and tips on saving water visit https://www.southernwater.co.uk/savewater

A key way to reduce the impact of rainwater and highway runoff on flooding and pollution in our area is with the promotion and implementation of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS). 

SuDS schemes are those which replicate natural systems or use nature based solutions to help manage excess water generated through weather events and to filter and clean rainwater which has become contaminated by oils, car tyre wear and other pollutant sources on our roads and pavements.

The most basic SUDS intervention is permeable surfacing or paving which lets rainwater soak into the soil. Other methods include rain gardens, which use planted areas and natural filtration to act as a reservoir to capture water, increase levels of evaporation and absorption into plant matter and form a natural filter to cleanse any remaining water. For more information about rain gardens see http://raingardens.info/

A good example  of a SUDS scheme which may inform what we can do in Hanover is the Greener Grangetown initiative taking place in Wales  https://greenergrangetown.wordpress.com/  and  these designs from Melbourne for housefront rainwater garden planters could be helpful in Hanover for addressing rooftop runoff (.PDF download) https://www.melbournewater.com.au/getinvolved/protecttheenvironment/raingardens/Documents/PLANTER%20BOX.pdf