We want a local area which has more ‘Living Streets’ and healthy travel options and is less of a ‘Car Park’.BTN BikeShare is a pay/use bike hire scheme (3p/minute Easy Rider or with annual membership of £72 for Annual Rider users) and have proved to be one of the most successful schemes in the UK – with docking hubs in Ewart Street, the bottom of Elm Grove, bottom of Hartington Road and at sites along the Lewes Road there are handily location for resident in Hanover & Elm Grove. Get registered and pick one up when you need it with the smart-phone app.  

Cycle Parking is currently poor but get slightly better under the improvements brought in under the 2017 Controlled parking Zone in Hanover. After lobbying North of Elm Grove a site was added to the existing two sets of road-based Pedal Cycle Parking Points. Hanover Action want to see more placed throughout our whole community.

  1. To make a request for cycle stands use the Council Cycle Stand Request Form
  2. For legal advice on cycling see this handy guide.

Cycle Training and Bike Maintenance is key area to get more people moving on two wheels. The City Council has secured resources to runcourses on bike maintenance and learning to ride a bike for anyone over 14 years old – sign-up now.

Hanover Action initiative:An innovative company based in London, Cyclehoop, has come up with the Bikehangar. A bit like a giant bread-bin for 6 bikes. There are now hundreds on Bikehangars in London, with some areas like Hackney having them on almost every street. Unfortunately our Council hasn’t been quite as keen, mainly because of the cost.

But if we can get the funding together, Cyclehoop provides a management service for a small fee. That’s where you come in – we need to know if there’s a demand for Bikehangars and what you might be prepared to pay. Please fill in our surveyhttps://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KNN2Z97
We’re keen to try one out in Hanover as a pilot – maybe it’ll be in your street!

Plug-in Vehicles will play an important role in achieving the UK’s targets for improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. Currently, there are almost 80,000 in the UK, with projections of more than 7m in the next 30 years (UK Power Networks, 2017). Access to chrage points is a key hurdle:
– In London Kensington and Chelsea charge points are being provided by converted street lights.
– Brighton City Council wants resident email requests for on-street Electric Vehicle Charge Points.
– In Brighton the current City Electric Vehicle Infrastructure is here. Hanover Action would like to see distributed charging infrastructure across the whole ward to encourage people to switch from polluting diesel to electric, near Car Club spaces (run by Enterprise Cars), encouraging them to place EV vehicles in Hanover & Elm Grove.

NEWS: Plug-in vehicle charge points have now been installed on Bernard Place and Islingword Road join up via https://polar-network.com/

  1. If you are considering the use of a electric vehicle at some point in the near future then check out these websites https://electricbrighton.com and https://www.exchangeandmart.co.uk/electric-cars-guide
  2. Fill in the online Community Survey: Hanover & Elm Grove Electric Vehicles
  3. Need a charge-point at your workplace? Talk to your Employer – there is funding for this.
  4. City Council information on e-Car charging and parking