We want to protect existing natural habitats and to create new space for wildlife in our urban environment. 2016-17 a Green Infrastructure Street Audit was undertaken mapping out on a street by status the current assets and potential for development.
South of Elm Grove Street Audit (updated: March 2018)

Crowd-source funding for Hanover & Elm Grove Trees! 

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Below are the outcomes of last years success – help us to keep the planting going 🙂  

Old Elm tree at 242 Elm Gove. Taken down due to disease. Form a gap in the wonderful Elm Grove avenue of street trees. To be replaced….

Elm Grove School street tree replaced Feb 2018 – ceremony with School Eco-Club members, School Head, Hanover Action and Cllr Gibson. 

The 2018 Hanover Action #LoveOurTrees campaign replaced two trees:

  • A Silver Birch (Betula pendula) tree in Ewart Street (Hanover) that forms part of the silver birch planting in the whole street.
  • A Silver Birch at the junction of Totland Road-Hartington Road (Elm Grove area). This forms part of the avenue of trees that runs from the Lewes Road all the way up Hartington Road.


Cllr. David Gibson funded the replacement Elm tree outside Elm Grove School, and Cllr Dick Page funded tree guards around the small trees in Southover Street butting up to car parking spaces to ensure their protection. Each drew on the’Ward Councillor Budget Scheme 2017-18′.​

We are grateful to the support of Brighton & Hove Council for the enabling works (Highways Basic Maintenance would prepare grinding site and reinstate hard surfaces) and assistance with the tree planting ceremony at Elm Grove School – with the very well informed and wonderful School Eco-Club members.

Brighton’s Elms 
“Brighton and Hove today can be likened to a living museum in that the city now holds the only significant population of Elm in England, some of the most noticeable individual Elms in Europe” (Source: www.brightonelmtrees.com/)
See the amazing history and resources on Brighton’s Elms on the above website. 

Did you know?
Frequently asked Questions on Elm Trees

Street Planters
Following the One Planet Living group’s ‘Green Asset Infrastructure Audit’ in Hanover, and the October 2016 Public Meeting ‘Greening Hanover’, there was community interest in renovating neglected street planters. Following discussions between Hanover Action, local Councillor David Gibson and the Head of Operations of City Parks, the following Protocol agreed as a useful guide for residents to improve street planters:

Agreed Protocol:

  • If needed, requests for Council assistance in clearing beds/shrubs would be via Cllr Gibson to City Parks. 
  • A leaflet drop or door-to-door contact should be attempted with all those in the street to ensure: i) there is general awareness of proposed changes/development of street planters (ii) people can be identified to assist. 
  • At least 5 people in the street should ideally be will to maintain the bed, after major development.
  • Hanover Action’s role in enabling this should be clearly communicated, and publicity developed (Hanover Directory, Hanover Action website, notices/images on social media etc.) to raise the profile to enable wider community action to develop other street planters, beds and other public green space in Hanover & Elm Grove.
  • The One Planet Living group would monitor and assist with planning via its monthly project meetings. Looked After Street Planters: Cobden Road bed (south of bike shed); old water trough, corner of Ewart Street and Southover Street; Islingword Place (north & south ends), Bentham Road; new: Lynton Street, more? let us know if you would like to adopt a street planter or help out with one 🙂

Street Trees

Trees are an important part of our urban green infrastructure along with green roofs, green walls, rain gardens and communal veg. plots, but the Brighton tree canopy is under threat due to cuts in Council funding from central government, meaning that trees are not being planted, or replaced, except via external funds.

We would like our amazing trees to be regularly replaced, and to increase our Urban Canopy for wildlife, for health and for our future environment to hand onto the next generation.

Hanover Action installing the tree protector paid for by Cllr Dick Page’s ‘Community Fund’ on Grove St. with the help on John from Montreal St, with Martin from Cox & Taylor Electrics.