Hanover Action was formed in 2010. Some of the highlights of of what we have achieved are listed below.

One Planet Living

Like many voluntary organisations it’s has been an eclectic, fun and at times confusing journey which is why we decided to use the One Planet Living framework to see what the wider community thought about what we had done and what their priorities for a sustainable community were. You can see all the One Planet Living information and resources here.

Street improvements

We have worked hard to make our streets more accessible, pleasant to be in and useable by all the people who live here.

Controlled Parking Zone

In 2016 we were instrumental in the successful campaign for a “Yes” vote for controlled parking. This has had many positive benefits not least releasing energy and potential tied up in what was the hot issue locally.

Dropped curbs

One aspect of the One Planet Living plan was our Green Infrastructure audit that assessed, amongst other things, the neighbourhood’s accessibility and led to the eventual installation of dropped curbs to make it easier for wheeled users. Find out how our work on inclusion continues at the Liveable Neighbourhood campaign

Street Trees

We have enabled the planting of four new street trees, installed three protective cages, and helped bring many of the street planters back to life. In 2018 we successfully raised £700 via a crowdfund campaign to enable this brilliant addition to our neighbourhood.

Community development

We support people to meet their neighbours and build communities by encouraging activities and events.  We were active in the Local Action Team and continue to work with its successor the Communities Forum

Bloomin Hanover

Blooming Hanover events over the last few years have meant that our streets have had many more plants on them – and associated bees, other insects and birds. We have agreed a protocol with the council for local people to manage street planters. 

Street Parties and Zocalo

If you are interested in closing your road to hold a street party have a look at The Street Party Site and the easy to understand information from the council  here and contact us for support. See Report of previous event in Washington Street and Belgrave Street

Eco refit at Hanover Community Center

Hanover Action was instrumental in levering in £55,000 and many days of professional and voluntary time to manage the Eco Refit of the Hanover Community Centre. There is more information at the Community Center website.

VEG at the Hanover Centre

Key members have moved on to other things leaving a huge legacy – you can read more here. The cinder and rubble desert was transformed into pleasant oases of plants and flowers. A new Gardening Club  is meeting most Tuesdays from 2pm, contact the Center for details

Food Partnership

People from Hanover Action were instrumental in supporting the Food Waste Colective .

Community Forum

We have worked with other community representatives and council officers to create a Neighbourhood Plan. Hanover Action is making significant contributions to two of the key thematic area of the developing Plan:

  • Theme 1 – Refuse, recycling & street cleansing
  • Theme 3 – The Environment: Green Space, biodiversity and sustainability.

Hanover Action in the news

Feature in Brighton & Hove Argus (2011)  https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9325067.hanovers-green-team/

Latest TV feature (2010) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01ZenEgPNkM