How we work & what we do

We work with others to plan practical solutions to promote community spirit and alternatives to unsustainable consumption.

We have used our energy and expertise to fund and manage the eco refit of the Hanover Community Centre were we hold events and film shows. Here an asphalt desert was slowly greened, allowing people to grow things and enjoy a peaceful garden (some history here.)


  • Take action around specific ways we can create a more sustainable community
  • Host and promote events
  • Encourage people to care for wildlife and plants locally
  • Support relevant campaigns, for example we instigated a petition that helped lead to Brighton and Hove City Council’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2018.

We are going to make sure that words mean actions by keeping the pressure on (see here) and continuing to support other actions.

The story of how we began… 

In the winter of 2009 a small group of friends gathered in the freezing cold Hanover Community Center to watch a film ‘The Age of Stupid’. After the showing there was such an urgent feeling that we needed to ‘do something’ about the issues that the world is facing over climate change. With this momentum pushing us forward we decided to meet up again and start doing something together as a community – Hanover Action for Sustainable Living was formed. Over the last 10 years our breadth of community action continues to grow.